POWER HOUR 10/25/2010

Podcast available here! Listen to us, lovelies.


This week we decided on songs about animals. The most obscure song was from a CD we found in the WSRN studio, “Ocelot” by Eggs. The other songs we assume you can find somewhere.

The playlist is available on the WSRN website. Look for our show title, of course.

Sources (Publications and News Links):

– Indian amber preserves over 700 arthropod specimens:

– Beanbag robot grip:

Brown et al. Universal robotic gripper based on the jamming of granular material. PNAS Oct. 25 2010. [full text]

– Gigantamo virus found in zooplankton:
Fischer et al. Giant virus with a remarkable complement of genes infects marine zooplankton. PNAS Oct. 25 2010. [full text]

– Lungs contain taste receptors:

– Gene therapy for depression (mouse model):

– Low doses of ketamine induces synaptogenesis, treating depression (mouse model):
Li et al. mTOR-dependent synapse formation underlies the rapid antidepressant effects of NMDA antagonists. Science 329: 959-964. [full text]

– Symbiotic prokaryotes vs. eukaryotes without mitochondria:
Lane, N. & Martin, L. The energetics of genome complexity. Nature 467: 929-934. [full text]

– Underwhelmingly, the moon is damp:

– Super super old galaxy found!

– Organic pesticides not necessarily worse than synthetic pesticides:
Bahlai et al. Choosing organic pesticides over synthetic pesticides may not effectively mitigate environmental risk in soybeans. PLoS One 5: e11250. [pubmed fulltext]
Directed from http://www.biofortified.org/2010/10/organic-pesticides/

– Space travel may adversely affect your favorite baby polar bears:

– Identifying people by their ears:
http://www.futurity.org/science-technology/for-identification-lend-me-your-ears/ [abstract, accepted manuscript]


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A horde of Science Alliance members discussing science news on the air.
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